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300 lb. 7' Tripod Corn Feeder with Legs
Fabricated from: Heavy gauge bolted on legs with stake down plat at foot. Clamp down lid with 3” steel top lid for double protection. Durable 55” gallon drum cleaned to prevent any contamination. Includes: 12V Solar Panel, 12V Motor, Varmint Cage, 12V Timer (equipped with four different settings)

300 lb. Winch Up Corn Feeder
Fabricated from Heavy gauge steel our winch up feeders are made with a durable crown and 14’ long 2“square tube steel legs with a stake down plate on each foot. Each feeder comes with a 1,200 pound winch with handle and 1/4” steel cable. The lids are made of galvanized steel with a 3” lip for protection from the weather. Includes: 12V Solar Panel, 12V Motor, Varmint Cage, and “the Timer”.
Heavy Duty Corn Feeder
Our Heavy Duty corn feeders are made with 16 gauge steel and our own timer box. Each feeder comes complete with “The Timer,” a 12 volt motor, solar panel and a battery. Unique to our Heavy Duty feeders is the ability to replace the timer box with protein tubes for an all in one solution. Protein tubes are sold separately. The Heavy Duty corn feeders come in 600 lb., 1,000 lb. and 2,000 lb. sizes.

Quail/Turkey Feeder
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